GPA 1000 | GPA 1000-2011 | latest gold detectors 2011 | Made in Germany

GPA 1000 | GPA 1000-2011 | latest gold detectors 2011 | Made in Germany | Imaging devices for the detection of gold

Introduction GPA 1000 | GPA 1000-2011

Latest equipment German pictorial three-and two-dimensional gold and discover treasures and ancient relics buried under the ground and determines the depth of the target in meters and centimeter ..

Characteristics and advantages of GPA 1000 | GPA 1000-2011

* Calibration of the soil automatically

* Improved search performance efficiency

* Using the imaging system of high performance

* is monitored Auto Calibration by the processor

* calibration data are visible

* through which access to the soil that suits you and how to search and calibration of the ground automatically

* Up to a depth of 9 m

* The ability to store data within the internal memory stores all of photogrammetry that the user depiction up to 20

* Image scanning device designed this world-class, working to fit in anywhere in the world

Parts and components GPA 1000 | GPA 1000-2011

* Main Unit
* sensitive scanner, a length of 44 centimeter and view the 36 centimeter

* bag to protect the main unit and was able to carry the device easily

* a large bag to contain and store the device in full equipment

* battery 12 volt * charger electric 220 volt

* charger for the device installed in the car

* Headphones

* Catalogs English

* CD instructional methods and the apparatus

Results and data GPA 1000 | GPA 1000-2011

* Gives the clear picture of the goal and format of its kind

* gives indicators of light and sound when a sensor above the target

* gives numerical indicators on the screen indicate the target size and type

* A special program to measure the depth of the target after locating him

* graphs show the target and how to put it underground